Tuesday, February 02, 2010


you thing of beauty
on my window sill
strutting about
on your skinny pink legs

red iris,
shiny neck,
that cere, like a
proud nose stud

you catch me looking
and grace a side profile view,
a half-smile
like a shy indian bride

i put out my hand
to spread some grain
and you (darpok!),
show interrupted,

fly off above
to the opposite building's sill,
watching curiously
from a safe distance

what now?
do you expect me
to say 'ao ao'
like he did in ddlj?

come and eat
whenever you want,
silly bird.


Vishal 'Tommy' Thomas said...

hahaha :D. super :D

Abhay said...

does it have a 'pet' name ?

ramya sriram said...

nope.. the whole thing is imaginary :P

Ashwin said...

silly bird!!! sheh! wonderful!

Thaddeus Menezes said...

interesting.....keep writing ;)