Friday, September 12, 2008

tiny lights
flicker soft,
rooftop chill

radiant smiles,
glasses clink,
eye to eye

warm happiness

dance floor,
golden glint,
saxophone sway

old song we know,
mellow voices in
drunken harmony

a few hours,and
the party's over
they leave,happy-tired

sitting against the wall,
both of us
after everyone's gone

not wanting to move.
slowing down sunrise.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Coming back

faded memory
of green prints
on a blanket

of moments
that I'd caught
and held on to

put in an ice-box,
paint melting along the sides
orange-vivid puddles

at my feet,
leaving softer tones
less wild,more mature

I'd woken up early
that day,slipped out quietly
while you slept

its been a few years,
you knew wat i once was..
now I'm me

I'll see you soon.