Monday, January 02, 2012

church street

a ponytail
a faded kurta
a large camera
dangling from his neck

he sits for hours
in india coffee house
the turbaned staff
are used to him, isolated

and others
mingling, foreign
indian, men, women
friends, businessmen

there's a pulse

running through
this one-way street
wild and promising

signboards, neon

ruby's, matteos
warm yellow shadows
at coco grove

from the java city dog

to the cats
at the magazine store
church street blossoms

with life, new faces
new cuisines
against the old

at night
groups of people
beer-happy laughter
ringing of youth

dying into quiet
preparation for tomorrow
a lazy sunrise
a chill morning

says hello
to the buffet
at highgates, and juice
at empire.