Saturday, July 26, 2008

i thought it was
much easier
to block it out,

to pretend that
i'm okay with everything
but now i know

i'd rather feel
what i feel
than force myself

to not think,
for fear of
feeling what i feel.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


General compartment!
stand,or sit down
on newspaper

chinese scale,
for just ten rupees
pirated dvds,raw mangoes

chutney dribbles
from the vendor's idli basket
everytime he passes by

everyone stares
at everyone else,
an indian habit

nobody seems to mind
the heat,the sweat
the dirt,the tamil songs

playin on his cellphone
as he nods vigorously,
and sings along

two small kids,
their black, beady,
curious eyes

taking in every detail
not looking away,holding
a bold steadfast gaze

in the corner,
a young lady eats
a packed lunch,

curd rice and pickle,
and throws the rest
out of the window,

where paddy fields
and small villages
endlessly rumble past.