Saturday, October 01, 2016

waves on the rocks

with the weight
of a billion secrets

the sea crashes
on the shore
scattering them into the air
asking for more 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


change shuffles
the order of cards
sometimes the king 
comes first 
at other times 
the joker wins 

change shuffles 
people and places 
priorities and concerns
the cards keep sliding 
one over the other 

but sometimes 
change cannot touch 
that run as deep 
as the waters that 
separate lands 

there may be storms 
on either continent 
there may be 
in the sea 

but the waters
still connect 
land to land 
and that stays constant

our lives
will grow 
and transform every day 
like that pack of cards

and the waters 
may sometimes crash and roar 
on your shores
sometimes on mine 

but they're the 
the waters of 
the same reservoir 
that connects us 
and that connection is immortal.