Thursday, May 02, 2019


​I've seen the most beautiful sunsets
from rooftops, trains and window seats
Streaks of blood that slowly soak up the sky
spreading into a gentle wash on a watercolour canvas

I've seen birds journey home in geometric patterns
Their cries filling the evening air
Mingled with the sounds of kids playing street cricket 
A strangely chaotic yet calming dusk

I've seen the sun lower itself below the city skyline
Disappearing bit by bit, through electricity wires 
Leaving an empty sky, save a kite here and there
And maybe an early moon

I've seen your eyes reflect my thoughts
And I want to share this little space, this slot of time, with you 
Maybe this sunset, maybe a million 
If only time were that generous

Stand with me on the terrace of this house
Watch the evening birds make their way home
Stay with me in this beautiful moment
Even as it disappears bit by bit

Into a something we will remember once in a while
In our own separate worlds 
As we watch, from rooftops, trains and window seats 
The sun melt away 
the distance between us