Tuesday, September 27, 2011

beautiful grey suit
your shoes shine
attention-grabbing gloss
reflecting an image
you have to live up to

you tried the short-cut
there were too many cars
on the longer route
your path turned out filthy
the rich kind, but filthy

now you sign
all those deals
under the table
behind glass doors
high-profile smooth talkers

i'm not sure
which is worse
your lies
or your lack of guilt

of lost ideals
you could invest firstly
in a spine.

Friday, September 16, 2011

wasting weather

cloudy windy day
the kind that
makes your hair dance
in an auto

on tank bund
the lake is full
of waves
in sync with

the music
on my ipod
"yeah they were dancin'

and singin'
and movin'
to the grooooovin!' "

whaiiit boyy"
i chant loudly

auto anna
smiles amusedly
in the mirror

the new fountains
on hussain sagar
actually look pretty cool

woohoo, what
weather this is
but it's outside now

some days
are just not meant for
sitting at office desks.