Friday, May 10, 2013


a great many 
problems are solved
by keeping your mouth shut. 

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


little white dog
by the atm 
you've got
such shiny brown eyes

you look up at me
as i wait for my turn
your tail
slowly wags

you stand up
stretch, and come
sniffing at my kurta

it's impossible
to look away now
i give in
and bend down

before i can even
pat your head
you roll on your back 
in anticipation

and i scratch
your tummy
as you giggle
and wring your limbs

i stop
for a moment
and you paw at me

and i become
servile again
both my knees
on the street now

you follow me
as i walk towards
my office
nose close to my heel

i enjoy
the attention
yours, and that of passersby

we crossthe chinese restaurant
and you run off
in the direction 

of exciting smells
frenzied wagging
and sniffing follows
with your back towards me

i pause
and wait
for you 
but you
are intent
in poking your nose
in the gutter

i suddenly feel
very betrayed.