Friday, April 02, 2021


have i lost
all the things
that made me me 

including you? 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


days strung together
tightly, like nylon on a guitar 
fingers strumming 
fret after fret 
slightly out of tune 

time goes by 
fingers drumming 
on a table, waiting 
for another moment to go by 
another insignificant nothing 

an open window 
a bee buzzing
drawing zigzag patterns  
seeking sweet, sweet nectar 
but this room is empty 
a humid evening
​dragonflies humming 
the air heavy, holding back  
promises of something 
that's not going to happen today 

a sky full of stars
a cricket chirping  
smoke rises in circles  
fading into the darkness 
that was today 

Monday, September 07, 2020


trapped in a constant 
existential crisis
trapped by thoughts 
that run amok

trapped when you can't just
sit and be 
trapped when you're asked
to just sit and be 

trapped by finances
trapped by circumstances
trapped by conference calls 
trapped by unending bills 

trapped in an office
strapped to a chair
trapped by a routine
and colour-coded lists

trapped by priorities 
trapped by clock, alarms, phones
beep beep, ping ping
tick tick, ring ring 

trapped by time 
there's too much
or there's too less
hurry up, slow down, stand up, sit down 

trapped by low energy levels
trapped by inadequate vitamins
trapped by an excess energy
that keeps you up at night 

trapped in a meeting
trapped at a party 
trapped when home alone
trapped in a crowd 

trapped because of the rain
trapped because it's too hot
trapped in the middle of nowhere
there's nobody to blame 

trapped under a rock 
predators wait and watch
trapped behind walls 
the sharks are all inside 

trapped by a wrong choice
trapped because you didn't get to choose  
trapped when the alternative is worse
frying pan or fire? it's all the same  

trapped by decisions 
trapped by impulsiveness
trapped because it was too late
when you finally made up your mind 

trapped when you're too sensitive
trapped when you're completely numb
trapped when you don't know what to say 
trapped when nobody hears your words 

trapped by a wheelchair
trapped by an unyielding mind 
trapped by grudges and arguments past
trapped by your own ungratefulness 

trapped by bad company
trapped by someone else's fault 
trapped by the guilt of 
unconditional love and kindness

trapped by undiscovered talents
trapped by lost opportunities
trapped by somebody else at the finish line
trapped because you won, all too soon

trapped by likes and shares
trapped by expectations
trapped by what people think of you 
trapped by smileys and forwards 

trapped by the pressure
you put on yourself
trapped because you can't let go 
trapped because you're trying too hard 

trapped by unrealized potential 
trapped because you're unnoticed
trapped when you're a somebody 
trapped when you're in the newspapers 

trapped by airport looks
trapped by concealers and eyeliners
trapped because you're too plain 
trapped by how you look, what you wear 

trapped because of unfair laws
trapped by unreasonable rules 
trapped because of bias, prejudice
trapped at immigration, tracked, tagged

trapped by the scrutiny of the media
trapped by the opinions of anybodys 
trapped by insecurities
and the people who feed off them

trapped by helplessness
trapped when you want to 
do so much more, but you can't 
because you're trapped, stuck, confined

trapped by something on TV
trapped by a pill you can't stop taking
trapped by liquids that go down easily 
trapped because you can't say no 

trapped by fate
trapped by temptation 
trapped by your own morality 
trapped by lies, trapped by honesty 

trapped because you look too old
trapped because you look too young
trapped by 'omg youve put on so much weight'
trapped by 'when was the last time you ate?' 

trapped by boundaries 
trapped because you're limited
trapped because you're only 
something in a container

trapped because you don't matter 
in the enormity of the universe 
trapped because you're an inconsequential speck
hardly capable of moving mountains

trapped by restlessness
a desperate, wanting, 
fiery, seeking soul
stifled inside your body 
but wait oh look 
a window of escape
a train ticket, an open field 
a dog licking your face

a tiny hand in yours
a note of appreciation
a winding road through 
that unbudging mountain

a warm embrace
a snail on a leaf 
a changing season
something beautiful, beyond reason

trapped between the 
beginning and the end
trapped by the fact that
this is all we know

who knows what's gone before 
and what will come after 
maybe this is our shot at freedom

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


so hard I try
to make myself indispensable
so easily
you dismiss me

Saturday, January 04, 2020


how willing we are to settle for "happy"
what a peculiar choice to make

when we can feel ecstatic
when we can feel breathtaking exhilaration
when we can feel life-affirming hope

when we can feel inexplicable angst
when we can feel numbing pain
when we can feel so hopelessly in love

and yet we want to settle
for a measly little slice of happy

Friday, August 23, 2019


aren't we all 
a bit like caged beasts 
confined by closed spaces
but equally lost in the endless vastness

bound by 
all that we know
and dwarfed by the 
things we don't

who knows what 
what true freedom is
or liberation  

if it exists at all 
it must be in finding a purpose
all consuming
a something that keeps you alive 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


if the thrill of the chase
is better than the catch 
then one has to keep running 

Thursday, May 02, 2019


​I've seen the most beautiful sunsets
from rooftops, trains and window seats
Streaks of blood that slowly soak up the sky
spreading into a gentle wash on a watercolour canvas

I've seen birds journey home in geometric patterns
Their cries filling the evening air
Mingled with the sounds of kids playing street cricket 
A strangely chaotic yet calming dusk

I've seen the sun lower itself below the city skyline
Disappearing bit by bit, through electricity wires 
Leaving an empty sky, save a kite here and there
And maybe an early moon

I've seen your eyes reflect my thoughts
And I want to share this little space, this slot of time, with you 
Maybe this sunset, maybe a million 
If only time were that generous

Stand with me on the terrace of this house
Watch the evening birds make their way home
Stay with me in this beautiful moment
Even as it disappears bit by bit

Into a something we will remember once in a while
In our own separate worlds 
As we watch, from rooftops, trains and window seats 
The sun melt away 
the distance between us