Wednesday, November 09, 2011

or never

time will tell you
when the time is right.

Monday, November 07, 2011


wheels roll
parallel to
white lines 
that merge into mirages
in the distance

highway dhabas
and gas stations
line the road
a luxury hotel
stands alienated

small, quaint towns
of colourful houses
and chai shops
vibrant, bustling
take the left at the circle

trucks with
brightly painted backsides
horn ok please, tata!
enfields overtake
tilted buses

dhoti-clad farmer
and a group of cows
amble alongside
cars, in
cud-chewing nonchalance

snakes sprawl lazily
across your path
sunbathing beside
fields of green, golden
yellow and mud-brown

at night
dip your lights
in the darkness
luminous stickers
look ominous

driving along
finding fresh roads
following directions
getting lost
feeling light

belonging to
neither here
nor there
but to everything
in between milestones