Sunday, February 21, 2010

break up

halve a whole
to create
two strangers

burn down
each others
lucid memories

erase a life
we dont dare
to remember

shovel in the years
cover it up
with sand

and you plant seeds
but they'll never grow
the soil's too dry,barren

so this is where
it all ends
you called it love

this joke,

(written in 2008)


Pankaj said...

Wow. this is breathtaking.

Old seeds may not grow, but new ones grow all the time.

Japinder said...

Hi Ramya....Pankaj had recommended your blog to me and I too found the poem to be excellent. Beginning from the first line, the imagery is just so good! Now, lemme go and read more stuff by u :)

Shankar said...

'halve a whole
to create
two strangers'

The first verse, is certainly lovely.