Friday, October 02, 2009


band one on stage,
with lights, amps,
shiny metal

lightning riffs
powerful vocals
high energy audience
black t shirts, \m/s

springed feet,
screaming along in
whiskey drowned harmony

head bangers
up in front,
already gone,
losing synchrony

musicians, keen
nodding along,
judging, with eyes
and ears open

in between acts,
comments, murmurs
stray whoops
college cheers

after the show,
groups sitting
in a circle,
on the grass

a bunch of voices,
and an acoustic guitar
a few songs, a few laughs
good times.


Rehab Chougle said...

Reminds me of irock! endless screams, black tees, earrings, spiked hair, lots of metal and the overflowing rock talk..

Pankaj said...

lol...nice fun concert eh?

how about

skinny guy,
awkward looking,
talking in a drawl,
howling tunelessly later,
lead guitarist,
pretentious passion,
wannbeism personified,

pretty girl,
right beside me,
someone steps on her foot,
threats and fists,
better move away,
doped chinkis,
circle train,
better move away,

another pretty girl,
try to catch eye,
shes not bothered,
these rock loving girls,
are so pretty,

punjab police,
waving batons,
time to close concert,
its past 10,
trudge back home.

Ramya Ranee said...

Mmm... loved the way you have captured the atmosphere. I can hear the noise and smell the smoke.

Poornima said...

Is this a chunk of metal mania? nice one...