Saturday, May 24, 2008

5.30 am,
the bell rings

amma's up already,
two cups of tea
one glass of bournvita

the maid arrives,with
her bright smile
gets to work

grandmom chants
her morning prayers,
the diya is lit

busy kitchen noises,
something sizzles
on a pan

and a delightful aroma
permeates the air
tv-ad style

background noise
of a news channel
or a hindi serial

familiar clink
of amma's bangles
and pressure cooker whistles

I'm home.


Ashwin said...

all that i miss being home alone!
nice one. :)

Harish Govind said...

Very nice,pleasant read.
Felt 'mor kuzhambu' and 'parupoosli' deserved a mention though... :p

moimystique said...

@ashwin: thanks!
@harish: ayyo i dunno how i missed those out. next time :)

Ashwin said...

why do not title your poems?

moimystique said...

i dont think so much i guess.i just write whatever comes to my head...i'm no good at summing up :P

Kiran said...

nice... one of your best.. simple and good...

Bland Spice said...

Nie, now in a fewwords you've let us know the essence of your home.

I loved the 'hollow silhouettes' bit in the prev one.

I will send you something on your yahoo ID...

pankaj said...

wow....kya word pictures create kee hain....maja aa gya!!

liz said...

i think this one's my fav. :)