Sunday, January 17, 2010

piano class

dimly lit rooms
with ancient
convent windows

diamond peepholes
in the walls
dust-light streaming

kawai, yamaha,
pearl river

gleaming new
in the exam-room
shiny pedals

while others
in the adjacent rooms
chipped keys

slightly out of tune
till mathew
pays his visit

dark brown wood
smelling of
years ago

of songs,
compositions, that many
hands have played

with fingers,
little, big
graceful, clumsy

of moods, emotions
that have sunk into them
over the decades

of sombre chords,
lively melodies
legatos, staccatos

faithful, they stand


Bland Spice said...

what's a convent window? :)

ramya sriram said...

whatever you want it to be :P

no, at school we had these big dull grey windows with bars outside, like train windows.

Pankaj said...

nice :)

Ga-Joob said...

ha! spot on!