Friday, December 12, 2008


we're sitting here,
under this coconut tree
our own cosy harbour

watching quiet ripples
form in
night silver waters,

that stretch across
and open out
into the ocean

where dim lights
betray the silhouette
of a sleepy ship far away

water flows gently,
time laps at our feet
in easy waves.


oneminutepost said...

Hey, this looks like a place in our island. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

aaaah! what a nice malloo way of life. they're truly something, for all the things the world throws at them! :)

Rajesh said...

Hi...dropped in from Ashwin's...

Feels-good after reading...I've always loved Mallu land for its scenic beauty (but food is bad)

Nice read..

pankajunk said...

so miserly with words, yet so abundant in imagery, expression, meaning....sigh

Joshua said...

Kerala is truly god's own land!

Cherian said...

this is how i feel. why u writing wat i feel. how.