Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm so comfortable
inside my shell
I poke my head out
once in a while
I look around
it might be nice actually
to bask in the
warmth of the sun,
to somersault
with the others
on the beach,
to try and catch
the biggest wave

but there is also
the constant hustle
of excited feet
on the sands,
big and trampling,
that I have to carefully dodge.
nah.. today I just
dont feel like.
maybe tomorrow.


sunena said...

nice pic!!

schizo said...

or the day after? I kind of like the inside of my shell

sabir said...

its nice to enjoy after comin out of the shell... every body is comfortable inside it....
aapke blogs kabile tarif hain n it reflects a mixture of fun n maturity ...

Admin said...

Once in a while
I come out of my shell
to see this prism
I like the hustle here.

I'm so tempted
by your poem that
I started liking
line breaks!

Great job.

Anonymous said...

in sharjah. don't think i'll go to the dubai beach. but sharjah beach shells coming up for you for sure! :) n if i do go to dubai will get you shells from there too.

pankaj said...

all i can say is L.O.V.E.L.Y!! your poems have a certain transendance..a certain universality. did i tell you bukowski reminds me of you?

Anonymous said...

hi ramya
thanks for visiting my blog :)

Bland Spice said...

there was a time when i would be surprised at the zero comments on yur posts.

now i am the eighth.

beautiful as usual.

i think i'll drop you a mail soon.

Abhay said...

there can't be a better symbol for procrastination than a mollusk...nice poem