Sunday, October 22, 2006

Man has been reduced,or rather
moulded into plastic puppets
leading a life controlled by
green paper notes
and traffic signals;
a life of alcohol,merry-making
and 'social bonding' over the weekends;
of long discussions about politics,
new movies and gossip;
where hypocrisy fills every word
spoken or otherwise.
And when the five senses begin to rust
due to disuse
some find solace in Meditation
or Chopin's Nocturnes
still others find comfort
in the beauty and purity
of a rain-washed leaf.


anant bhatia said...

U write too beautiful poetries.. That one was indeed intriguing. Keep up the good work

SchizoPhrenic said...

Found your blog from the blogroll of one of my friends anish nelson, are your posts original? rude question? sorry, you write good. real good.

blog on.


Lost. Found. Lost Again said...

girl.. you need to write more... where are you?

Vi said...

Accurate portrayal; great imagery.

Anurag said...

u do have the ability to put ur thoughts to paper just as they were. unchanged....
thats really gr8....
it wud be really nice if u cud check out my blog nd tell me wat u think of my stuff...

Meha said...

i find pleasure is whining about how they completely destroyed my hands by forcing me to mehendi-o-fyi them. and some pleasure in writing sad stories too. but i'm still in love with life; heck i am SoO in love with life =)

Icie said...

brilliant! light and touching!