Thursday, June 23, 2005

childhood fantasies,
glorious dreams,
sharing jokes,
laughing hard

exam stress,
staging plays,
sports practice,
we've been through it all

comfort when needed,
in times of defeat
"after all...
there's always a next time"

yet,at other times,
gorging on ice-cream
smiling triumphantly
celebrating victory

we part ways today,
but who knows
maybe tomorrow
we shall meet again.

and there will be
a world of memories
waiting to be


Naina said...

:-) I bumped into an old school pal today. He had grown up a lot, beard, muscles and the tiredness in the eyes. Yet when we met, the eyes sprakled up with the hints of the childhood past...

Pleasure 2 read ur beutiful expression of wht was felt today :-)

adv said...

theres a refreshing unpredictablity in ur writing which i throughly enjoy... i wish ud write more frequently.
its like manna for the starved soul.