Thursday, September 02, 2021

all of me

if i could 
i would sit down with you 
in a quiet corner  
and hold your hands in mine 

and in that slot of time 
i would give you 
all of me 

later, we will forget and move on 
life will take over
we will get busy

but one day you will remember
that you and i sat down 
in a quiet corner 
and shared this moment 

one day you had 
all of me

Monday, August 09, 2021


you wronged me and i apologized
you hit your head against the wall and i assumed  i hurt you 
you cut me off and i blamed myself
you, and you, and you, all of you.  
i must have been crazy to have 
taken on your share for so long
i've redeemed myself now
i pronounce myself not guilty

Monday, July 12, 2021


bare feet sink into mud
as i walk on wet soil 
my toes curl around leaves
of jagged edges and velvety surfaces

i walk in solitude
i walk in silence
i walk to remain suspended 
in thoughtlessness

i walk through hours 
of light and dark 
i walk in desperation 
i walk for space, i walk for time

i walk for relief, 
i walk to feel a little numb
i walk even though
my skin is blistered and bleeding 

i surrender 
to the rhythm of my feet 
as they carve out lines
on a map that only i know 

i keep going, 
steady, sane, sound 
on a ground
that features madmen and gone-too-soons. 

Friday, June 18, 2021


you call me your friend
and my heart bursts with joy 
at knowing that, across the ocean 
i've got a hand to hold 

Friday, May 21, 2021


your words, gentle
moving carefully,
avoiding everything
you know i don't want to talk about

you find the safe zones
you hold and respect my silence 
and i want to let you in 

as my words find yours
within all the lines we've drawn
you have my full, honest story 

Saturday, May 01, 2021

redefining home

I love this street one that I've called home for twenty three years I've watched the mango and neem trees grow and welcome monkeys, bats and cicadas

I wake up to the call of a purple sunbird
I listen to the song of a grey-bellied cuckoo
in the afternoon, a hornbill's screech surprises us all
while a black kite soars in the sky
there's a tailorbird in the coconut tree
invisible, but it makes itself known today is a good day for
a duet with a chirping squirrel
in the evening, when the wind blows
stray gulmohar flowers and
white jasmine cover the ground
as do the seeds of the copperpod tree

oh, how I love that street
and how well I know it
and its inhabitants, including
hesitant shrews and nocturnal frogs

but far away, in another country
I am getting to know a new street I am learning its secrets and surprises
and the life it holds

here, I wake up to the call of the blackbird
and the twittering of robins
I watch magpies hop on the ground
and sparrowhawks circle above

the sweet smell of jasmine
is now replaced with the strong scent of hyacinths
the tabebuia and jacaranda trees
are recoloured in magnolia and cherry blossom

everything that I defined as home
the soundscapes, the enchantment, the familiarity
have now taken on a new meaning
and my boundaries have expanded

I find myself falling in love
unexpectedly and a little hesitantly looking for signs that will one day
spell a new nostalgia

home is a funny thing
it can be here
but it can also be
five thousand miles away

Sunday, April 18, 2021


in a moment
everything is lost 
i tremble and shake 
a plate breaks into pieces 
a head bangs against a wall 
tears roll down like rivers 
the walls cave around me
i squirm and howl  
i am never enough

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


what a layered personality you are 
peel peel peel
and there's something new on offer 

you're inexhaustible 
show me more